The NP6 group

NP6 brings you a unique kind of expertise, combining the most advanced data mining techniques and a proven digital marketing culture. The tools we develop bring the two cultures together, with one objective—making data intelligence available to marketing professionals.

Our mission

As a specialist in big data intelligence and digital marketing solutions, our mission is to offer dedicated smart SaaS marketing software to marketing professionals, along with customized data processing services. We have become, today, a partner of choice of advertisers in all sectors for data mining, business demographics, multi-source modelling and marketing campaign management.

Our offices

Our teams enjoy modern working spaces, ideal for idea sharing and innovating. This was the decisive factor when NP6, the group who developped MailPerformance, selected its new exceptionnal office venues. First in Bordeaux, our headquarters are set in a 1 500 sq.m (16 000 sq.ft) former wine warehouse on the river Garonne quays, close to the harbour and its new developping digital pole. Harmoniously mixing limestone walls, iron structures and glass openings, the building provides an optimal working space as well as an enjoyable living environnement. In Paris we are set in the Bastille area, where our teams benefit from a spacious and luminous 800 sq.m (8 600 sq.ft) building. In London, NP6 offers its expertise in the heart of Oxford circus area.

million Euros turnover


employees contributing to your success


years of experience in data processing


billion emails sent per year


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